Quickening : Solo exhibition at Pinakothiki of Piraeus

PINAKOTHIKI of PIRAEUS Painting Exhibition of Olga Alexopoulou QUICKENING This November the Pinakothiki of Piraeus will be presenting the solo show of the painter Olga Alexopoulou. Having exhibited her work in museums and galleries around the world, Alexopoulou will be exhibiting her latest work in the exhibition titled ‘Quickening’, describing that state of consciousness where the senses are alert, and using it as a term to describe artistic creation. “In her work, the images of nature dominate completely – human presence, whenever it appears, is denoted indirectly and fleetingly and is always amazed when confronting the powers or allure of the environment – the wind, water, light, the mystery of the night or of the vastness. Having abandoned oneself in the awe of the surroundings, one gives up any idea that he can tame or even ignore them. The prevailing feeling is that of an unfathomable struggle.” notes the author Alex Massavetas. Paintings on handmade porcelain from the ancient capital of porcelain in China, photographs and ink drawings on paper will be some of the works presented in the exhibition that will last from the 14th to the 26th of November 2016.

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